Contraception after Caesarean Section

Verhütung nach Kaiserschnitt

Did you know that after a caesarean birth you should not get pregnant again

for at least 18 months?*

Are you undergoing a caesarean section and would you like to receive information about contraception after your baby is delivered?  Perhaps you would like to delay your next pregnancy or you are looking for an alternative to sterilization?

The period after a caesarean birth is very important for the recovery of your body because if you get pregnant too quickly, serious complications during your next pregnancy or birth can occur if the surgical incisions have not adequately healed. Safe and reliable contraception after caesarean section is therefore very important.

* According to World Health Organization.

Gyn-CS is a safe and convenient method of contraception after caesarean section!

Physicians agree that contraception with an intrauterine device (an IUD or coil) is the most effective reversible option after giving birth. However, IUDs face major problems when inserted immediately after a caesarian section when the uterus is enlarged:  they can fall out, be displaced or embed in the wall of the uterus as the uterus contracts to its normal size. Furthermore, this can lead to pain and bleeding with rates of expulsion and displacement up to 40% or more being reported.
This is not the case with Gyn-CS as it is specifically designed for caesarean sections.  It is attached directly to the upper part of the uterus during the caesarean section operation and then, depending on the model which is inserted, acts as a contraceptive for up to 3 or 10 years. Also, Gyn-CS releases no hormones. It acts, just like the conventional copper IUD, by releasing copper ions that impact on sperm. On top of that, its very slim and flexible design adapts to any size of uterus – both the uterus that is still expanded due to the pregnancy as well as the uterus that has regained its normal size after 6-8 weeks.

The benefits of Gyn-CS as a contraceptive method after caesarean section!

  • High contraceptive protection of over 99.5% (PI 0.1-0.5)

  • Hormone free

  • No systemic side effects

  • Fit and forget

  • Can be removed at any time (for example, if you want to become pregnant again)

  • Breastmilk friendly

  • Long-term contraception (3 or 10 years)

  • Placement is easy, safe and quickly accomplished

  • Works immediately after insertion

  • No displacement and very rarely expelled

Would you like to know more about Gyn-CS?

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