Immediate contraception following caesarean section

Verhütung nach Kaiserschnitt

Did you know that after a caesarean birth you should not get
pregnant for at least 18 months?*

In the period following a caesarean birth, it is imperative to take the time to allow your body to recover. The scar needs time to heal adequately. Getting pregnant (too) soon after a caesarean birth could result in serious complications for the health of the mother and child. Therefore, safe and reliable contraception following caesarean section is of the utmost importance.

* According to World Health Organization.

GYN-CS® is a safe and convenient method of contraception
following caesarean section!

Physicians agree that intrauterine devices are the most effective and reliable, reversible methods of contraception. They are much more likely to prevent early unintended pregnancy following childbirth than all other methods, making them is the most effective reversible contraceptive option after delivery.[1]

GYN-CS® is a slim and flexible device that offers the highest level of comfort and reliable hormone free contraceptive protection following pregnancy. GYN-CS® supports women in attaining an interpregnancy interval of 18–24 months (advised by WHO). This increases the chance to have a vaginal birth following caesarean section. GYN-CS® is available in a 3 year version for the protection of the interpregnancy interval and a 10 year version that serves as a reliable and reversible alternative to sterilization.

The benefits of GYN-CS® as a contraceptive method following  caesarean section!

  • Hormone free

  • Small, flexible and therefore very comfortable

  • No impact on breastfeeding

  • High contraceptive protection of over 99.5% (PI 0.1-0.5)

  • No systemic side effects (no weight gain, no mood swings, etc.)

  • Immediately active (fit and forget)

  • Long-term contraception (3 or 10 years)

  • Reversible alternative for sterilization

  • Immediate return to fertility upon removal

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GYN-CS® is an innovative contraceptive method specifically designed to be inserted following caesarean section. It has a duration of action of 3 to 10 years and provides reliable contraceptive protection.

[1]. Practice B, No P. (2015). Best practice in postpartum family planning. Int J Sci Study, 1(5):2-4.