GYN-CS®: Reliable contraception following caesarean section

GYN-CS®  is an innovative contraceptive method that has been specifically designed to be fitted at the time of caesarean section. It provides reliable contraceptive protection for up to 3 (GYN-CS® 3) or 10 (GYN-CS® 10) years.

Gyn-cs in the uterus

What sets GYN-CS® apart from other preventive methods following ceasarean section?

GYN-CS® is a hormone free contraceptive method. GYN-CS® consists of copper tubes on a surgical thread. The slim and flexible design fits comfortably into every uterus.

GYN-CS® adapts!

GYN-CS® 3 is an excellent contraceptive option for contraceptive protection during the interpregnancy interval.

GYN-CS® 10 is effective for 10 years and can be a reversible alternative to sterilization.

How does GYN-CS® work as a contraceptive?

what is the caesarean contraceptive

The insertion of GYN-CS® only takes a few minutes. It can be inserted by any trained gynecologist/ surgeon whose clinic offers GYN-CS®.

GYN-CS® 3 has a duration of action of 3 years and GYN-CS® 10 has a duration of action of 10 years.

The benefits of GYN-CS® as a contraceptive method

  • Hormone free

  • Small, flexible and therefore very comfortable

  • No impact on breastfeeding

  • High contraceptive protection of over 99.5% (PI 0.1-0.5)

  • No systemic side effects (no weight gain, no mood swings, etc.)

  • Immediately active (fit and forget)

  • Long-term contraception (3 or 10 years)

  • Reversible alternative for sterilization

  • Immediate return to fertility upon removal

Are there any disadvantages?

  • For possible side effects please consult your physician.

GYN-CS® is developed and produced in Belgium. GYN-CS® is CE marked and approved for use and sale throughout the EU!

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