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How do I get Gyn-CS as contraception after birth?

You cannot just buy Gyn-CS as birth control. It was specifically designed for insertion during caesarean birth. Logically, the indication for a caesarean section (or choice) must already have been made. If you are planning a caesarean section or you are interested in contraception with Gyn-CS in case of an emergency caesarean section (since it is already assumed that spontaneous birth can be associated with complications); in these cases, contact a clinic that offers Gyn-CS as birth control and arrange a pre-appointment with a trained Gyn-CS physician. He will then examine you, give you more information about Gyn-CS and discuss all further details with you.

Has Gyn-CS been tested long enough to prevent childbirth?

Gyn-CS was developed and is produced in Belgium. Since the beginning of its discovery, there have been several “proof of concept” and also long-term studies. The first study involved 140 women, 70 of whom used Gyn-CS and 70 a conventional copper IUD (TCu380A or Paragard) for birth control. In the group with Gyn-CS there was only one expulsion (1.4%) which was attributed to a defective anchoring; in the other group 8 expulsions (11.4%) were recorded. The study lasted 3 months as most expulsions of conventional IUDs occur during this period.
In a second study, 100 women participated in a 3-month follow up. There was only one expulsion recorded.
The third study examined how well the anchoring system works by measuring the distance of the anchor marker from the surface of the uterus. There were no significant differences in distance after 3 months compared to an average time interval of 20 months. There were no perforations or other complications. Studies of the contraceptive efficacy have not been conducted with Gyn-CS as the contraceptive effect of the frameless copper coil has been sufficiently proven.[1],[2],[3]

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What is the contraceptive effect of Gyn-CS after cesarean section?

Contraceptive efficacy of Gyn-CS

The contraceptive effect of copper has long been known and tested. It is especially safe because it creates a double effect. On the one hand, copper acts as a spermicide, immobilizing the sperm and preventing its penetration into the uterus or ovaries. On the other hand, the foreign body in the uterus triggers a kind of foreign body reaction, which would also prevent the implantation of an egg. This double effect makes contraception with copper at birth more than 99.5% safe, while acting without any hormones or systemic side effects.

Can I have more children after Gyn-CS?

Yes, you can. The advantage of Gyn-CS is that it is an excellent alternative to tubal sterilization, with long duration of action (10 years for the longest-acting version).

Because of its safety and long action, fertility is not impaired at any time. When you wish to regain your fertility, Gyn-CS can be removed in a doctor’s office and you can become pregnant again immediately. Gyn-CS therefore represents the only long-term and highly reliable contraceptive fitted following caesarean birth in comparison with all sterilisation methods which require expensive surgery to restore fertility without guarantee of success.

I still have questions about Gyn-CS

Contact us, or we can refer you to a trained Gyn-CS doctor who will be pleased to answer your questions. Simply write us an email or call us.

Gyn-Cs is approved for use and sale throughout the EU!

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